Wednesday, 30 December 2009

ear candy ♥


Loving him right now, if only he was the soundtrack to my life(:

Bit of a random post but i don't have much to say at the moment, going shopping in westfield tomorrow which should be a good day out.
yours truly,

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

oh my life -_-

Today, has been the most boring day of my life. No joke.
here's what i did:

Woke up around nine
Had breakkieee.
Had a shower but didn't bother brushing my insanely curly hair (so now it's going to be as knotty as a sheep's bum fluff... and it looks like sheeps bum fluff too)
Did my physics homework on wind power
Started on my drama portfolio
Did some english coursework
Did a wee bit of art coursework
And RE revision.
Oh and somewhere in there i ate lunch and some malteasers (ie. brain food).

And the saddest thing is... the only highlight of today for me, is watching Eastenders (i really wanna find out who killed Archie!!)
so yeah. boring post i know ><
yours truly,
although this picture did make me extremely happy, it's so funky & cute ^^

Monday, 28 December 2009

Wildfox Couture... I sing your praises ♥

Before i begin, take a look at wildfox:

Okay, there are sooo many reasons why i love wildfox couture. The pictures above are all from their spring 2010 collection slideshowey thing. To me, they scream summer, love, friends, laughs and downright outrageousness. It's that young fresh 'fuck all, this is my time and i'm gonna do what i want' attitude that every single girl loves. well most of us anways....i love that style though. that laid back, yet edgy look. they remind me of summer and of typical LA... and actually of the hills. sort of. well kind of. it reminds me of when im with my girlfriends and we act stupid, do stupid things, have a laugh about/with boys etc. etc. they'r such a feel good brand. hard not to love them! from london fashion weekend i was able to get two items from there (a dress and a top ) and i love them. they're so comfy(:
so yepppp. that's my post dedicated to wildfox!
click here to check 'em out.
btw, all pictures from the site above are owned by wildfox and aren't mine.
yours truly,

Sunday, 27 December 2009

What i am totally loving at the moment!

1. The January sales! Hallelujah, although it's also a time to be wary, because you may buy something for a bargain that will be deemed a no-no next season (:
2. This quote from Helena Christensen (from her UK interview with Elle):
"Style is a strange thing. Who determines who has style? I think you've gotta have a f*** everybody attitude about it. I'm gonna do what I feel like doing... and i don't care"
BEST QUOTE EVER. i think some people lose that essence of fashion, fashion shouldn't be something that's followed like a sheep but something that you follow, yet you put your own spin on it. get me?
3. my minnie mouse ears that i have recently found:
& they're the genuine article baby! (the tag says disneyland resort paris) hehe
4. topshop's cute little black wallety things for their gift cards. i recieved a card in the little black pouch, it was sooo cute(:
(sorry about the poor quality from the photos - they're from my phone camera :S)
5. my mood/inspiration wall. they're usually called mood boards, but there's so much that i'm just loving in fashion that almost a whole wall in my bedroom is taken up by cuttings outs and articles :)

*that's not all of it... and the harry potter poster doesn't count, i'm just a bit of a nerd. waiting for my robert pattinson one though! cor he's hot ;)
6. My silk scarf! i got it from london fashion weekend (because i'm not special enough to go to london fashion week) - but i love it. it got knocked down from quite a bit to just £15. it's pwettttyyy and i've never seen anyone where anything like it, so big plus for me :D
my camera doesn't show how amazing the colours are but they're so rich and the detailing with the hieroglyphics are wowzaaa.
So those are the things that i'm loving currently, dinners calling.
yours truly,

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Prada, L'Eau Ambrée ♥

you know how there are some perfume adverts that you just cannot stand? (i'm thinking all the davidoff ones and almost all the men's ones... even though the men are hot) well i must say i am bowled over with Prada's new advert for their new fragrance. The only other advert (or commercial whatever you wanna call it) that has been this good, or capturing is Dior's one for Miss Cherie. I salute you Prada, and your amazing advert making skills :D
yours truly,


Wednesday, 23 December 2009


As i was talking about photographers i wanted to add this in. i ♥ jenny van sommers. simply because my favourite editorial photo ever ever taken, was taken by her and printed in elle. i have it on my wall because there's something about it which just gets me.

you may not see it, but when it's printed on the glossy pages of a magazine it's woah. there's just something about it, maybe it's the typical, kinda cheap looking 'high school gym' wooden flooring (ya know, the type that squeaks whenever you walk on it, no matter what form of shoe you are wearing) or the shinieness of the balloons against the floor and the plain backdrop. the word love floating there - big, shiny and proud :D It does remind me of those typical high school, tween dances from all the films and sitcoms (i'm so thinking lizzie mcguire here), i love it to be honest. hehe.
yours truly,

oh i do like a good photo, i do.

it has only been in recent months that i've really started looking at designers & fashion houses in great detail and finding out what distinguishes them from the rest... but now i've started to look at photographers too. Henry Bourne at the moment has come up as my favourite. Here is why:

in my eyes, there's something so magical about this photo. the sheer excitement that you get from just looking at the blonde's face, portraying so much. the dazzling hollywood smile, it makes me think of marilyn monroe and that period (the 20's, 30's, 40's) where hollywood really did buzz with true glamour, talent and 'razzle dazzle'. personally i loved that era, despite never being part of it. but with the whole glamour comes the darker side (marilyn monroe did supposedly kill herself) and that darkness adds more depth to the photo.
Onto a lighter note though(: here are some more:

as you can see, i have a thing for b&w photo's ;)

so i added a bit of colour to spice things up ^^
yours truly

Monday, 14 December 2009

Oh i wish it could be christmas everyday ♫

Is it me, or are the only really good and major christmas songs made in the seventies?! i do feel festive this year but i really feel like somethings missing, there's not been much of a hype... maybe it's because of this recession thing or whatever? But hey, i have to salute people such as WHAM! for letting the christmas songss live onnnn!

Oh George, you lad :D
yours truly,

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Dear Christian Dior,

I love you a lot. Your clothes make me ecstatic and giddy with pleasure. BUT (and as you can see it's a big but..) your models are far too skinny. Be kind to us curvier folk and put some meat on those models, before i get so crazy i have a seizure!

i love this look so much, but do you see how skinny she is?!
yours truly,

Betty Jackson

So my last post was about Alexandre McQueen, this one is about Betty Jackson. Me being me, i have been stalking pictures of catwalks for spring/summer 2010. I've been looking at my favourite designers, and i came across betty jackson. I haven't payed this one much attention before but when i saw the spring summer collect i was like woaah!

So this had to be one of my favourite looks from her. I love the whole socks with big, chunky (yet classy) heels and the florals and the stripes. It's a very indi look i find, young and refreshing. I know it definately appeals to my generation, especially as all the teens in london nowdays are uber stylish and indi/preppy. I am pretty crazy about the hair too.. it's big and messy but in that cool effortless 'hey-i-just-got-outta-bed-but-i'm-young-hot-and-to-cool-to-care' look ;) although despite this, half her collection i adored and the other half i hated. (see below)

Love the glasses, hate everything else. but whatever, a few bad choices and outfits cannot change my new found love for betty jackson. bravo betty, you have just found yourself a new fan ;)

yours truly,

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


So i must say, that i love Alexander McQueen, honestly. I would love to be reincarnated as one of his dresses (the ones above&below are from his S/S 2010 collection). I love the spring summer collection mainly because of the colours and the sillhouettes he uses (sorry if spellings off, i'm not the brightest bulb out there okay?). My first obsession came when he brought out those clutch bags with the skulls. I remember seeing it on the selfridges add & thinking... damn they're cool! and then i took it upon myself to do my research and yep. i am now a follwer. The S/S 10 collection is just so edgy and powerful. The colours aren't typical summer colours either, he's having none of that pastels and cutsie colours. Mmmmmmmm, love them.
yours truly,

Monday, 7 December 2009

what pushes those buttons that should not be pushed.

here are a list of things that make me sad:
art GCSE. fml, why did i choose it?
drama GCSE. it's waay to much work for my brain.
England, what the frick is up with the weather?!
the weather.
the fact that there's no sunshine.

Jack Wills ♥

Soooo, i live in england of course, on the outskirts of London. And i attend a posh, co-ed Roman Catholic private school (think gossip girl just slightly toned down). I'm not roman catholic and unlike a majority of my fellow students, am not filthy filthy rich. Which is a shame. Because being rich seems like fun, for example my friend James has a helicopter. Pretty cool right? Anyways, as some of you may know Jack Wills is a semi-designer that clothes all us 'snobby rich kids'. They proudly label themselves BRITISH UNIVERSITY OUTFITTERS(: so anyways, i am a proud jack wills follower and i recently looked on their site to see if there was anything new... and i found this! This gorgeous little dress which sells for no more or no less than £798. Just as all Jack Wills items it is crazily over priced but i love it! Yes i don't think i will ever get it but hey ho. I love the whole look and the model they've picked. She isn't their typical stick thin, blonde messy-haired preppy girl. She looks edgy and pulls this look off superbly. I'm a big fan of laced leggings and tights which makes this outfit even more appealing. The poofiness of the dress and the colours make me go gaaaah. don't you agree?
yours truly,

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Miley's new tatt?

So, ya know today i was absoloutely bored out of my head so i decided to just check up on what the celebrities were up to... and i found this. Miley Cyrus has a tattoo saying 'just breathe' under her left boob. Hmmm interesting. Well the legal age to get a tattoo is eighteen, seventeen with permission from your parents. Some people are already kicking up a fuss but to be honest i really don't see the problem! She can't be a Disney girl forever and it's time for her to get out of that good girl shell otherwise she'll never be able to live her life. I'm not exactly a fan but there are some people who loathe her for no apparent reason... which is crazy. I mean unless you know her personally you can't really have such strong opinions towards her. I think everyone should do what her tattoo says and JUST BREATHE. Like i don't see anyone complaining about Taylor Momsen? She's a year or so younger than Miley and have you seen what she acts and dresses like?! Just because she plays Jenny Humphreys on a television show doesn't mean she should act like that in real life, so i think people should get off miley's back. She's just growing up!

Yours truly,

martini ♥

Well, i love the new advert for Martini's. Yup, i am too young to drink them but i'm not too young to appreciate a good advert :) it's chic, stylish and funny. George Clooney's character is hilarious and i love the setting, the atmoshpere of where they are and of course, the fact that it's in black and white. To me, almost anything and i suppose everything can look super stylish in black and white! Here's the link to the video:

well, yah, that's all i gotta say for today :)
yours truly,

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Okay, so this is my first official blog ever. Of course no one will really care about it as no one is following me... yet. Anyways, a little about me... i'm fourteen years old and i attend an extremely posh, British private school. Well, sort of posh, not like how you see in the films with the huge houses and drab uniforms :| I've only recently joined the school as my last one, another private school, closed down because it was in serious debt and basically had no money. Obviously it was devestating but right now in my life it's about moving forward and looking to the future.
I'll be back soon!

Yours truly,
j x