Sunday, 13 December 2009

Betty Jackson

So my last post was about Alexandre McQueen, this one is about Betty Jackson. Me being me, i have been stalking pictures of catwalks for spring/summer 2010. I've been looking at my favourite designers, and i came across betty jackson. I haven't payed this one much attention before but when i saw the spring summer collect i was like woaah!

So this had to be one of my favourite looks from her. I love the whole socks with big, chunky (yet classy) heels and the florals and the stripes. It's a very indi look i find, young and refreshing. I know it definately appeals to my generation, especially as all the teens in london nowdays are uber stylish and indi/preppy. I am pretty crazy about the hair too.. it's big and messy but in that cool effortless 'hey-i-just-got-outta-bed-but-i'm-young-hot-and-to-cool-to-care' look ;) although despite this, half her collection i adored and the other half i hated. (see below)

Love the glasses, hate everything else. but whatever, a few bad choices and outfits cannot change my new found love for betty jackson. bravo betty, you have just found yourself a new fan ;)

yours truly,

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