Wednesday, 23 December 2009


As i was talking about photographers i wanted to add this in. i ♥ jenny van sommers. simply because my favourite editorial photo ever ever taken, was taken by her and printed in elle. i have it on my wall because there's something about it which just gets me.

you may not see it, but when it's printed on the glossy pages of a magazine it's woah. there's just something about it, maybe it's the typical, kinda cheap looking 'high school gym' wooden flooring (ya know, the type that squeaks whenever you walk on it, no matter what form of shoe you are wearing) or the shinieness of the balloons against the floor and the plain backdrop. the word love floating there - big, shiny and proud :D It does remind me of those typical high school, tween dances from all the films and sitcoms (i'm so thinking lizzie mcguire here), i love it to be honest. hehe.
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