Monday, 28 December 2009

Wildfox Couture... I sing your praises ♥

Before i begin, take a look at wildfox:

Okay, there are sooo many reasons why i love wildfox couture. The pictures above are all from their spring 2010 collection slideshowey thing. To me, they scream summer, love, friends, laughs and downright outrageousness. It's that young fresh 'fuck all, this is my time and i'm gonna do what i want' attitude that every single girl loves. well most of us anways....i love that style though. that laid back, yet edgy look. they remind me of summer and of typical LA... and actually of the hills. sort of. well kind of. it reminds me of when im with my girlfriends and we act stupid, do stupid things, have a laugh about/with boys etc. etc. they'r such a feel good brand. hard not to love them! from london fashion weekend i was able to get two items from there (a dress and a top ) and i love them. they're so comfy(:
so yepppp. that's my post dedicated to wildfox!
click here to check 'em out.
btw, all pictures from the site above are owned by wildfox and aren't mine.
yours truly,


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