Tuesday, 8 December 2009


So i must say, that i love Alexander McQueen, honestly. I would love to be reincarnated as one of his dresses (the ones above&below are from his S/S 2010 collection). I love the spring summer collection mainly because of the colours and the sillhouettes he uses (sorry if spellings off, i'm not the brightest bulb out there okay?). My first obsession came when he brought out those clutch bags with the skulls. I remember seeing it on the selfridges add & thinking... damn they're cool! and then i took it upon myself to do my research and yep. i am now a follwer. The S/S 10 collection is just so edgy and powerful. The colours aren't typical summer colours either, he's having none of that pastels and cutsie colours. Mmmmmmmm, love them.
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