Sunday, 6 December 2009

Miley's new tatt?

So, ya know today i was absoloutely bored out of my head so i decided to just check up on what the celebrities were up to... and i found this. Miley Cyrus has a tattoo saying 'just breathe' under her left boob. Hmmm interesting. Well the legal age to get a tattoo is eighteen, seventeen with permission from your parents. Some people are already kicking up a fuss but to be honest i really don't see the problem! She can't be a Disney girl forever and it's time for her to get out of that good girl shell otherwise she'll never be able to live her life. I'm not exactly a fan but there are some people who loathe her for no apparent reason... which is crazy. I mean unless you know her personally you can't really have such strong opinions towards her. I think everyone should do what her tattoo says and JUST BREATHE. Like i don't see anyone complaining about Taylor Momsen? She's a year or so younger than Miley and have you seen what she acts and dresses like?! Just because she plays Jenny Humphreys on a television show doesn't mean she should act like that in real life, so i think people should get off miley's back. She's just growing up!

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