Tuesday, 29 December 2009

oh my life -_-

Today, has been the most boring day of my life. No joke.
here's what i did:

Woke up around nine
Had breakkieee.
Had a shower but didn't bother brushing my insanely curly hair (so now it's going to be as knotty as a sheep's bum fluff... and it looks like sheeps bum fluff too)
Did my physics homework on wind power
Started on my drama portfolio
Did some english coursework
Did a wee bit of art coursework
And RE revision.
Oh and somewhere in there i ate lunch and some malteasers (ie. brain food).

And the saddest thing is... the only highlight of today for me, is watching Eastenders (i really wanna find out who killed Archie!!)
so yeah. boring post i know ><
yours truly,
although this picture did make me extremely happy, it's so funky & cute ^^


  1. hey, thanks for your lovely comment!
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  2. oooh such a sweet picture. Do now follow you (: wanna follow us back (: ?


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