Monday, 7 December 2009

Jack Wills ♥

Soooo, i live in england of course, on the outskirts of London. And i attend a posh, co-ed Roman Catholic private school (think gossip girl just slightly toned down). I'm not roman catholic and unlike a majority of my fellow students, am not filthy filthy rich. Which is a shame. Because being rich seems like fun, for example my friend James has a helicopter. Pretty cool right? Anyways, as some of you may know Jack Wills is a semi-designer that clothes all us 'snobby rich kids'. They proudly label themselves BRITISH UNIVERSITY OUTFITTERS(: so anyways, i am a proud jack wills follower and i recently looked on their site to see if there was anything new... and i found this! This gorgeous little dress which sells for no more or no less than £798. Just as all Jack Wills items it is crazily over priced but i love it! Yes i don't think i will ever get it but hey ho. I love the whole look and the model they've picked. She isn't their typical stick thin, blonde messy-haired preppy girl. She looks edgy and pulls this look off superbly. I'm a big fan of laced leggings and tights which makes this outfit even more appealing. The poofiness of the dress and the colours make me go gaaaah. don't you agree?
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