Tuesday, 26 January 2010


YO! What's up, this post is late, obviously. have been sooo busy with school & shit i have had this persistent headache since the weekend which is actually making me go mad! buuut anyways, back to the point of this ickle post. tim walker, he is a fashion photographer and has done so many editorials and shoots, he's done stuff in vogue and harper's bazaar. what i love about him is that he doesn't just take photos of pretty girls in pretty clothes. he incorporates other elements into his photos too, such as magic(: i love him, every one of his photos and he is by far my favourite photographer. in the whole. entire. universe. one day... when im famous... i may be lucky enough to have a shoot with him! (hahahaha)

there's something so magical, out of the ordinary and just plain nonsense in these photos. especially the top left. whenever i see his photos im immiediately reminded of the cartoon version of alice in wonderland where she's telling her kitty about how the world she would live in would be complete & utter nonsense ^_^
We cannot forget he is a fashion photographer - a vogue favourite.
My favourite ever load of pictures from Tim Walker are from his collaboration in Harper's Bazaar with Tim Burton (my favourite director alongside Michael Bay) there's something oh so chic, yet creepy, dark, cynical, cute and outrageous and spine tingling amazing from these pictures! my favourite EVER.

What do you people thinkkk? drop me a comment :)
yours truly,

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Hey people ;)

so this post is kinda random, with not a huuuuge point in particular. it's just to say that i have a joint blog with my friend eleanor (ellie... as she prefers), its rabbitsintheheadlights.blogspot.com. it's not much at the moment, but keep checking & i assure you it'll be awesome :D
hehe, so anyway... my next post will be dedicated to the amazingness of my favourite photographer (of the moment) tim walker.
yours truly,

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Kurt Geiger, you are my man... of the moment :)

So, just doing a bit of internet stalking and i just visited Mr Kurt's website (somewhere i often visit i can tell you) and was flicking through his amazing shoes, and me, being the kindred soul i am, decided to share my favourites with you :)

these are £120 - and the whole lace, shoe boot, peep toe thing is big for the coming season. it has that whole sporty meets edgy look that's a big thing for s/s
these are £120 and are my favourite, i love the block but the splash of colour... and they're pretty high which is fabulous as i am ridiculously short.
£140. orange basically is THE BEST colour in the whole spectrum. really.
£150, can so imagine the kooky, british countryside, summer look that would go great with these.
£160, do i even have to explain why these are so great?

yours truly,

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Did you miss me? Oh shush, don't lie, i know you did ;)

hehe, so i've had a long absence from this place and i haven't even had the chance to upload my photo of the day... every day. i am a suckish person. but ya know with GCSE's, it's the big two years for me that shall decide my future. my dad has said that the people that do not do well in school and do not care are the people that end up on the 'shit heap' of society. thanks dad, nice to know the consequences. so anywhooooo, studying has got me down so i have found refuge in nice pictures:

so yep, ill be back blogging with the usual shit soon,
yours truly,

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Busy Beeeee!

Well, this is my first post in forrreeeevvverrrrrr.
really! i have been so busy it's just crazy, i had a mock GCSE on thursday and i have another one on tuesday & i have tons of art coursework due in on monday!
so i doubt i'll be able to post anything till later next week.
yours truly,

PS> i got a blackberry!!!! ^^

Sunday, 10 January 2010


- Colorado Sunrise, 30H!3. mmmm what a legend band ;)
yours truly,

Friday, 8 January 2010

Elle Februaryyy!

So nothing much has been going on. i have been stuck at home because of the snow... a good and a bad thing. it's funny how some places in the world it snows all the time and then thirty centremetres in england and BAM! the whole country comes to a stop. schools close, roads close, airlines don't fly... etc. etc. jesaa louise!
anyways, i got my february issue of elle today and i am loving the spreads! now that a/w is over, their advertisments are for s/s and i am loving them. here are a few of my favourites:

D&G - oh you never cease to impress me. i love you.
You know, i've always been like meh with Louis Vuitton spreads but i am loving these ones! sorry for poor picture quality - i used my phone's camera.
not only do i love Prada's adds and spreads... but i actually am in love with their s/s collection!
Oh mulberry... you tickle me pink! ps. i love your bags!
I don't really know this designer too well but i do love this look. and if you get a chance to see the spread yourselves, the pattern of the cardigan is pwetty, it's like a snakeskin sort of pattern but in really nice gentle, sweet colours(:
This wasn't a spread it was part of an artically thing... but it's an alexander mcqueen dress and i knew that right before i even had to read what it said. alexander mcqueen is by far my favourite designer at the moment and i love his s/s collection! i just had to include this. and the balmain picture below as balmain could possibly be my second... maybe after or before prada... definately before lanvin who is like fourth (:

So yep, that's it.
yours truly,

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

what's a girl without her bag?

I have a new fashion obsession, move over Alexander McQueen... I now have Judith Lieber.
She designs bags and before i say anymore, take a look at her novelty bags:

Okay, i think you can see how friggen amazing they are! They're all hand-beaded and their cost is up in the thousands. I love how they're so unique though, i'm sure no other designer has such quirky little bags like these (although Alexander McQueen's skull clutches may be sufficient competitors). The fact that they're purely crystal makes me salivate. literally. i am your typical girly girl when it comes to things such as crystals and diamonds and these bags have made my day! hehe. So if anyone out there is generous enough, i am now opening a fund to get one of these b-e-a-utiful bags! So donations are welcome(:
yours truly,

PS > it's snowing here in england ^^

Monday, 4 January 2010

One of those Days.

Yeah, today has been one of those days.
Where you get up early, cannot find anything decent for breakfast... find there's nothing on television, realise there's nothing exciting to do... so you just sort of flop (mentally).
What did i do today?
I went to the hairdressers, i'm growing my hair so nothing amazing happened (yawn.) came home and did coursework. lots of deliciously, yummy, amazing (hahahahahaa not) art coursework. which i am still in the process of doing. The only thing(s) that have kept me going are Breakfast at Tiffany's (because who doesn't love that film?!) and Transformers. I am in love with both of them films. fo' sure. I mean seriously, Audrey Hepburn is the cutest little thing everrrr and Transformers.... well who doesn't love a load of autobots and megatrons going at each other! Oh and Josh Duhamel's in it. And he is freakin' hottttttttt. Mmmmmm.

My day was kinda off so i had to really look for things to keep me alive.
Here's what i found:
it's cute. and magical. and god damn i wish i was sitting in that big green chair.
yours truly,

Saturday, 2 January 2010

happy... late new years(:

Yeah okay, it's a bit late but better late than never, eh?
My new year went by pretty peacefully, it was a night in with the family, filled with food and board games and banter. Hehe, my brother and I did the whole open the back door and front door thing as soon as it turned midnight (by opening the both doors you're letting out the old and letting in the future).
New Years day was beyond lovely. I went to winter wonderland in Hyde Park which, despite the toe-killing, bitter cold, was b-e-a-uuutiful! The whole park was stunning, wish i had got some pictures though. Anywhooooo, i am seeing a pantomime tomorrow (christmas holidays cannot go without a panto)! and here's my outfit. i was gonna wear it to winter wonderland but it was really cold so i was just in layer after layer after layer after layer after layer after layer etc.

top: new look
plimsoles: topshop
black, high dernier tights
leather bomber: republic
watch (white thing on the top): Dolce&Gabanna

oh i love that bomber jacket, very much so.
anyways, i hate really loooong posts, so i'm off now.
yours truly,