Sunday, 27 December 2009

What i am totally loving at the moment!

1. The January sales! Hallelujah, although it's also a time to be wary, because you may buy something for a bargain that will be deemed a no-no next season (:
2. This quote from Helena Christensen (from her UK interview with Elle):
"Style is a strange thing. Who determines who has style? I think you've gotta have a f*** everybody attitude about it. I'm gonna do what I feel like doing... and i don't care"
BEST QUOTE EVER. i think some people lose that essence of fashion, fashion shouldn't be something that's followed like a sheep but something that you follow, yet you put your own spin on it. get me?
3. my minnie mouse ears that i have recently found:
& they're the genuine article baby! (the tag says disneyland resort paris) hehe
4. topshop's cute little black wallety things for their gift cards. i recieved a card in the little black pouch, it was sooo cute(:
(sorry about the poor quality from the photos - they're from my phone camera :S)
5. my mood/inspiration wall. they're usually called mood boards, but there's so much that i'm just loving in fashion that almost a whole wall in my bedroom is taken up by cuttings outs and articles :)

*that's not all of it... and the harry potter poster doesn't count, i'm just a bit of a nerd. waiting for my robert pattinson one though! cor he's hot ;)
6. My silk scarf! i got it from london fashion weekend (because i'm not special enough to go to london fashion week) - but i love it. it got knocked down from quite a bit to just £15. it's pwettttyyy and i've never seen anyone where anything like it, so big plus for me :D
my camera doesn't show how amazing the colours are but they're so rich and the detailing with the hieroglyphics are wowzaaa.
So those are the things that i'm loving currently, dinners calling.
yours truly,

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