Wednesday, 23 December 2009

oh i do like a good photo, i do.

it has only been in recent months that i've really started looking at designers & fashion houses in great detail and finding out what distinguishes them from the rest... but now i've started to look at photographers too. Henry Bourne at the moment has come up as my favourite. Here is why:

in my eyes, there's something so magical about this photo. the sheer excitement that you get from just looking at the blonde's face, portraying so much. the dazzling hollywood smile, it makes me think of marilyn monroe and that period (the 20's, 30's, 40's) where hollywood really did buzz with true glamour, talent and 'razzle dazzle'. personally i loved that era, despite never being part of it. but with the whole glamour comes the darker side (marilyn monroe did supposedly kill herself) and that darkness adds more depth to the photo.
Onto a lighter note though(: here are some more:

as you can see, i have a thing for b&w photo's ;)

so i added a bit of colour to spice things up ^^
yours truly

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