Friday, 8 January 2010

Elle Februaryyy!

So nothing much has been going on. i have been stuck at home because of the snow... a good and a bad thing. it's funny how some places in the world it snows all the time and then thirty centremetres in england and BAM! the whole country comes to a stop. schools close, roads close, airlines don't fly... etc. etc. jesaa louise!
anyways, i got my february issue of elle today and i am loving the spreads! now that a/w is over, their advertisments are for s/s and i am loving them. here are a few of my favourites:

D&G - oh you never cease to impress me. i love you.
You know, i've always been like meh with Louis Vuitton spreads but i am loving these ones! sorry for poor picture quality - i used my phone's camera.
not only do i love Prada's adds and spreads... but i actually am in love with their s/s collection!
Oh mulberry... you tickle me pink! ps. i love your bags!
I don't really know this designer too well but i do love this look. and if you get a chance to see the spread yourselves, the pattern of the cardigan is pwetty, it's like a snakeskin sort of pattern but in really nice gentle, sweet colours(:
This wasn't a spread it was part of an artically thing... but it's an alexander mcqueen dress and i knew that right before i even had to read what it said. alexander mcqueen is by far my favourite designer at the moment and i love his s/s collection! i just had to include this. and the balmain picture below as balmain could possibly be my second... maybe after or before prada... definately before lanvin who is like fourth (:

So yep, that's it.
yours truly,

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