Monday, 4 January 2010

One of those Days.

Yeah, today has been one of those days.
Where you get up early, cannot find anything decent for breakfast... find there's nothing on television, realise there's nothing exciting to do... so you just sort of flop (mentally).
What did i do today?
I went to the hairdressers, i'm growing my hair so nothing amazing happened (yawn.) came home and did coursework. lots of deliciously, yummy, amazing (hahahahahaa not) art coursework. which i am still in the process of doing. The only thing(s) that have kept me going are Breakfast at Tiffany's (because who doesn't love that film?!) and Transformers. I am in love with both of them films. fo' sure. I mean seriously, Audrey Hepburn is the cutest little thing everrrr and Transformers.... well who doesn't love a load of autobots and megatrons going at each other! Oh and Josh Duhamel's in it. And he is freakin' hottttttttt. Mmmmmm.

My day was kinda off so i had to really look for things to keep me alive.
Here's what i found:
it's cute. and magical. and god damn i wish i was sitting in that big green chair.
yours truly,

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  1. Ha I went back to school today, and I had one of those feelings, oh KNOW what you mean breakfast at tiffanys can always make me happy at any time, mm I haven't watched transformers trough, me must do, I'm loving the picture too xxx


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