Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Did you miss me? Oh shush, don't lie, i know you did ;)

hehe, so i've had a long absence from this place and i haven't even had the chance to upload my photo of the day... every day. i am a suckish person. but ya know with GCSE's, it's the big two years for me that shall decide my future. my dad has said that the people that do not do well in school and do not care are the people that end up on the 'shit heap' of society. thanks dad, nice to know the consequences. so anywhooooo, studying has got me down so i have found refuge in nice pictures:

so yep, ill be back blogging with the usual shit soon,
yours truly,

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  1. i know how you feel!!
    i hate revision!! :(
    cute blog thoughh! :) xxx


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