Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Kurt Geiger, you are my man... of the moment :)

So, just doing a bit of internet stalking and i just visited Mr Kurt's website (somewhere i often visit i can tell you) and was flicking through his amazing shoes, and me, being the kindred soul i am, decided to share my favourites with you :)

these are £120 - and the whole lace, shoe boot, peep toe thing is big for the coming season. it has that whole sporty meets edgy look that's a big thing for s/s
these are £120 and are my favourite, i love the block but the splash of colour... and they're pretty high which is fabulous as i am ridiculously short.
£140. orange basically is THE BEST colour in the whole spectrum. really.
£150, can so imagine the kooky, british countryside, summer look that would go great with these.
£160, do i even have to explain why these are so great?

yours truly,


  1. LOVE your blog! xxxxx

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  3. 4th shoe down is my favourite, definatley :D

  4. I love them all.but 1 is my favorite :)
    xoxo A.

  5. I will follow you if you follow me!


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