Wednesday, 6 January 2010

what's a girl without her bag?

I have a new fashion obsession, move over Alexander McQueen... I now have Judith Lieber.
She designs bags and before i say anymore, take a look at her novelty bags:

Okay, i think you can see how friggen amazing they are! They're all hand-beaded and their cost is up in the thousands. I love how they're so unique though, i'm sure no other designer has such quirky little bags like these (although Alexander McQueen's skull clutches may be sufficient competitors). The fact that they're purely crystal makes me salivate. literally. i am your typical girly girl when it comes to things such as crystals and diamonds and these bags have made my day! hehe. So if anyone out there is generous enough, i am now opening a fund to get one of these b-e-a-utiful bags! So donations are welcome(:
yours truly,

PS > it's snowing here in england ^^


  1. Oh I LOVE Judith Leiber! Apparently, when they get them in at Netaporter they sell out straight away. And some people even collect them. WHO IS COLLECTING THEM???!! They cost about a million pounds each ffs! *jealous*



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