Saturday, 24 July 2010

HELLO SUMMER, and my blog....ive missed you?

wooaaaaaaaaaah jesus. it's been some time? i could explain why i havent been on here in ages but to be quite honest.... i cannot be bothered. i suppose lack of an attention span, exams, friends and school have been a major factor but alas we'll leave that.

Okay, so it's summer here in england, and for once the weather is behaving itself. By going to a private school i am extremely lucky in the fact that I FINISHED SCHOOL ON THE SEVENTH OF JULY, hahahahahahaha. WOOO and i have nine weeks of summer, although i have been shit bored at times. ANYWAYS....

so summers here, time to put away the sweats, jumpers and fur and say hello to the eezy breezy fabrics yes?

mmmm, i am loving this flowerly tunic from topshop i have. it's too long to wear with leggings? to baggy to wear with shorts? so a thin brown belt and eeny weeny shorts are fine :) my shoes are from new look and i actually got them last summer... but i love them too much to get rid of them. and they're so summery!

oh and look at that tan (excuse the ugliness of my odd shaped feet)!! thats what u get from working outdooors.... ha.

these are like my 'shoes of the moment' £16 from topshop and they go with everything! however they're so flimsy that topshops sent a note saying do not wear excessively (um, they're shoes?)....theyre starting to break and ive had them for just over a week...i'll probably just order another pair.

summer essential:

from lush (it's a wee bit like the body shop?), made with real chocolate, is the colour of chocolate, smells like chocolate and tastes like chocolate. nuff said.

there are many other reasons as to why i love summer though, for example: my birthday. and this year i was spoiled, i got a whole lot of stuff from lush, jewellery from swarvoski and a ted baker dress....

this is such an absoloutely amazing pendant! the detailing in the placement of the crystals is so intricate but unfortunately my camera can not get right up and personal with the necklaaace :(

and these would be the matching earrings

the front of the ted baker dress, it's trés nice however it does have shoulder pads and when i get round to wearing it, they'll probably have to come out.
and the back of the dresss!

life right now is absoloutely amazing and i will be updating more frequently now! peace


  1. I have those exact same flats from topshop, they're my favorite shoes :)


  2. I'm so envious of your 9 weeks of holiday! We only get 6 D: The topshop shoes are pretty,but flimsy shoes just annoy me so much. Plus,I love lush...its like the nicest smelling place in the world ^^ haha.

  3. Lovely dress!

  4. here is so many inspirations!

    have a nice time,

  5. beautiful dress!


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