Friday, 9 April 2010


Jesssaaaaaaaas, it has been a while. okay forget that, it's been forever. i cant believe we're already into easter! (im on my easter holidays, what about you lot?) and it's march and for once, england's decided to be nice and BRING OUT THE SUNSHINE. which has put everyone in the country (or london as that's where i am right now...) in a good mood. no one's yelling at each other in their cars, everyone's outside, in the park - see what a bit of sunshine does? im pretty sure everyone's forgotten about the recession and election and all that boring shit.

speaking of summmerrrrrrrr, let's take a look at my favourite brand? wildfox - yep. ive developed an unhealthy obsession with LA and the style and the general lifestyle so wildfox has become my clothing obsessionnn.

on the website it's in the form of a flipbook so ive just taken a few stills from it :)

very barbieeeish but still with that element of LA glamour, if i had white skin i would sooo want peroxide blonde hair. but i dont. hahahaaaa. wow, im going to go enjoy some sunshinee before it goes away and start on some revision. this maybe last post in a while ><
yours truly,

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