Sunday, 5 December 2010


twenty days and i am so buzzing! for some reason this year feels far more christmassy then last. upon september through till the end of november everybody has been so cranky - most likely due to work, work and worrrkkk and GCSE'S. but just generally in awful moods...until it snowed! and as per usual england has gone tits up following the weather and everyone is now literally twitching with excitment for christmas, the holidays and THE SNOW.
I went christmas shopping today and GAAAHHHHH i am so excited.!

tree decor!

and me...

life is so much classier in black and white?

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  1. definitely, life is way classier in black and white! haha or more exciting! who knows!
    I was sooo excited about the snow, but it only lasted like 2 days? Back at school tomorrow, FML. x


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